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Monday, May 18, 2009

Shop around for printing price and quality

Shop around.

This is the advice we hear when it comes to finding the right car, furniture or outfit. But Goff & Howard applies the same concept to finding the right printer for our clients’ projects.

Some things to keep in mind for your next printing project:
• Keep a list of quality printers that you trust. Some printers have specialties that make each of them well suited for specific types of projects.
• Seek quotes from at least three trusted printers.
• When the quotes come in, each printer’s pricing can be quite different. For instance, Goff & Howard recently received bids ranging from $410 to $759 for a simple low-quantity project, a difference of 46%. Before selecting the winning bid, make sure to know exactly what you would get for the quoted price. Cost, quality and timing should all be considered on a project-by-project basis.
• Challenge your printer with questions such as: How much lower would the price be if we use your “house” stock of paper? (The “house” stock is often a printer’s best-priced option, because it is ordered in bulk.)

Choosing the right printer helps Goff & Howard consistently achieve a finished project that prints on time, at or under the budget, and with the quality our clients expect. Talk about an art and a science…