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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Sports Predictions

The Star Tribune Web site was recently ranked as the 17th best newspaper Web site in the country. This statistic is surprising, considering that the Twin Cities is a relatively small market. But with the emergence of big market sports stars – like Joe Mauer and Brett Favre – the entire country suddenly wants to learn more about these popular athletes. So, in honor of Joe, Brett and their millions of fans, here are Goff & Howard’s top five Minnesota sports predictions for 2010:

1. Joe Mauer and the MN Twins will agree to a new contract the day before Twins Fest starts.

2. The Vikings will not win the Superbowl.

3. The Minnesota Wild will make the playoffs, win the first round, and then lose in the second round.

4. There will be frost on the field for the first exhibition game in Target Field between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Twins.

5. The University of Minnesota Football team will start out the season poorly, and Coach Brewster will be fired.