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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A case of chicken pox PR

Last night, stories about an outbreak of chicken pox at my son’s school in Eagan ran on FOX news and in the Star Tribune. Was I alarmed? Not at all.

I’ve heard about this several times already over the past few weeks, not from the media, but straight from the school. I’ve received multiple e-mails from the principal, seen the signs posted on the doors at the school, and received a letter that contained recommendations from the Department of Health. I knew what needed to be done to protect my family (ensure that my son has had two doses of the vaccine). And, before the stories ran in the media, I knew they were coming . . . again, because of an e-mail from the principal.

News stories on negative topics don’t have to translate into a disaster if the topics are handled appropriately with your key audiences and the media. Kudos to Pinewood Community School for a “case of chicken pox PR” done right.