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Monday, March 9, 2009

STRIB is #2 in the “Dead Pool”

At the beginning of each year some people develop a list of 10 celebrities who could potentially pass away during that year.

It’s called the “dead pool” and takes morbid cynicism to a place where people bet money.

This practice has now entered a new realm – the struggling world of metropolitan newspapers.

Leave it to one struggling form of printed communication (news magazines) to create a list of endangered companies that produce another type of printed communication (newspapers). Time Magazine has created what could be considered a newspaper “dead pool.” It lists what it considers to be the 10 major daily papers that are most likely to fold or shut down their print operations and only publish online. The Star Tribune comes in at #2. The Philadelphia Daily News tops the list that includes some of what used to be powerhouse newspapers across the country.

Solutions to the crisis newspapers face are complicated. Putting together a list of those that may not make it is somewhat easier.

The GH Spin wonders how long it will take one of these newspapers to come up with a list of 10 magazines that will cease printing and become an online-only operation.